Are you a franchise?

  • Nope. Nom Noms is a privately owned limited liability company. However, we are considering franchising in the near future. If you are interested in investing or potentially becoming a franchisee when we begin franchising, send us an email under the talk to us tab.

Do you guys really make your own ice cream?

  • Yes we do! We make all of the ice cream on site daily. We use only the freshest ingredients, and never compromise quality. Come give it a try; You will be HOOKED.

What does Nom Noms mean?

  • Nom Noms is an onomatopoeia for eating. It’s simply the sound you make when you eat. Say “nom nom” ten times fast and you’ll know what we mean.

Do you offer wholesale pricing on any of your ice cream?

Do you really make the food from scratch?

  • Absolutely. Our cooks arrive every morning at 8 A.M. and prepare everything. The salsas, meats, rice, all of it! The real way.

How do I place a catering order?

  • You can contact our catering manager directly at (501) 282-0171, email or submit a request through the catering tab.

Will you deliver our catering order?

  • Yes we will! All catering orders can be delivered with a fee added when placing the order.

Is there a limit of people for caterings?

  • NO WAY JOSE. The more the merrier! We have successfully catered for over 300 people at a time. We love a challenge!

Do you offer staff for catering?

  • Of course! Each employee needed will be a $20/hr fee. Our staff is extensively trained to provide the very best customer service and facilitate any catering event you may have.

Can you guys make me an original ice cream flavor for an event?

  • Yes we can! Our customer’s have requested some epic flavors and we have made their dreams a reality. Just contact our catering manager at least one week before your event.